It’s all about upcycling, reusing old materials and working with what you’ve got. And when you don’t really like the coats you own and never wear them, it’s time to get creative and turn them into something beautiful! Or at least try to, like I did. In the picture above, you see a short grey coat but what I wanted to make was actually a long coat, so I looked in my wardrobe and decided to use another coat in a different color (dark blue) in addition to the grey one. That way the coat had a unique touch to it, one of a kind. Unfortunately I forgot to take a “before” picture of the blue coat, it was a short model too. I took both coats completely apart, so I could make the new one from scratch. To remake it I used a pattern of a coat that I had made before. It was a bit of a puzzle to make use of all the pieces of fabric the best way possible. But I think it turned out pretty well, with almost no fabric left over (don’t worry, I’ll use the small left overs for another project!). I’m really happy with my new recycled coat and I can proudly say I wear it all the time!





Misschien vind je dit ook leuk..

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