Denim, we all own at least one pair of jeans and it never goes out of fashion. I had a denim shirt laying around but I didn’t wear it that often because of the shape. It was quite saggy, just wasn’t the right model for me. So I decided to change it into something I would actually wear, a playsuit. Unfortunately I did not take a “before” picture (this is from some months ago, I promise I’ll take a “before” picture of the next upcycle project) so I can only describe for you what it looked like. It had long sleeves which I made short, rolled up and stitched them. The bottom of the shirt was above the knee (but on the sides too short to wear it as a dress). I cut the bottom part off and turned it into shorts. Then made a tunnel for the elastic so I could create a waistband. Sewed the shorts back on, and voila, my new upcycled playsuit was done!


Here you can see the waistband detail. This shirt was just perfect to upcycle, because the buttons opened all the way until the waist so I did not have to change anything in order to be able to put it on once it was a playsuit.



These last two pictures were taken in Barcelona last September, while on holiday with my boyfriend (showing him around since I lived there for nearly 3 years, before we met). Although the weather was amazing, there was quite a cold breeze so I styled my upcycled denim playsuit with a nice warm cardigan from a Dutch brand called “Costes” and of course I wore my Adidas superstar all white sneakers that just go with almost any outfit.

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